The Moneta Obsession

Currently I’m sewing up a line of Colette’s Moneta Dress … you could say I’m obsessed (the title gives that one away!).

It all started with seeing the Moneta Party on IG way back when I first got the itch to stitch. It’s only take me a couple of years to summon up the courage to thread up the overlocker and have a go of this Jersey malarkey.

Here’s a Summery of my dresses so far!

Moneta 1

Fabric: John Lewis – dark green and black

Sleeves – short length

First trip out was at Tantallon Castle!

Moneta 2

Fabric: Fabric Focus, Mustard and grey knots

Sleeves – 3/4 length

Shortened bodice length and slightly shorter skirt

Made it up for #OWOP18

My mustard snag tights match up perfectly with this version!

Moneta 3

Fabric: Fabric Focus

Hack – scoop back

Sleeves: 3/4 length

Wore to a friends exhibit opening night!

Moneta 4

Fabric: Fabric Focus, Sage green with floral design.

Hack – scoop back

Have to re do front bodice due to overlocker punching a hole in it ūü§¨

Sleeves– 3/4 sleeves

Date night with the bestie for this one!

Well that’s four so far and there’s at least another four to be sewn including a Christmas one, so watch this space and IG for more to come with other hacks (I love the scoop back hack!).

Also I am going to put a couple of other stretch/Jersey pieces in between now and the rest of the Moneta’s so you don’t think I’m a one-trick Moneta! I’ll be talking about my next few projects in my make nine 2019 post soon!

My Make Nine 2018: 6 Month Review

I’m going to be quite truthful here, ¬†I’ve only made one of my make nine patterns but I have made two dress out of the same pattern (although one is not quite finished).

To be quite frank, I’m not that great at sticking to plans. ¬†Reason: Maybe there’s too much being released and I want to deviate (LOADS!!) away from a structured plan.

But I have progress in other patterns … Hoooraahhhh!

I’m in the midst of doing two Vogue 9075 (view a), one in crepe and the other in cotton lawn.

I’ve still got to finish a McCalls 7536 (the burgandy rose fabric) but I’ve completed a McCalls 7582 and a McCalls 7381.

After these I’m probably going to do a wrap dress in a stretch fabric which I got from Sewisfaction.


And then the Colette “Moneta”.

Mind you, I’ve had the colette “Moneta” pattern for yonks and the material, so maybe I should do that first – but before I make a plan, I’ll probably do both at the same time – well, can you blame me?

Oh yeah and then add all the wonderful fabrics I’ve got recently to the table …

Whilst in town on the Edinburgh Frocktail poster and prize mission, I picked up a few fabrics from The Dress Fabric Company, Bruntsfield.  Eh, It was a sale, so how could I resist?  The Edinburgh Fabrics had a lovely Tiger print on black, which I think @sew_sleep_deprived is in awe of.  Also I picked some gorgeous Viscose Lawn from Dragonfly Fabrics online as well as a lovely crepe with birds on it from Fabric Focus.

Yeah, you can pretty much say I have truly fallen of the “self fabric ban” wagon and landed in the muddiest puddle known. ¬†Oooooops!

Another conclusion to this post is that you can say if I do make nine it won’t be the original nine as posted earlier in this year – that shouldn’t be a surprise!

That’s all for now, happy stitching!




My Sewing Room

Having “had” to sew in living room because of my lack of tidying up mojo of the sewing room this week I’ve been focusing trying to find the floor of it.

I had a great idea last year to wash all of my fabrics, iron, fold away whilst measuring and recording them. It was such a monumental task, it all became quite overwhelming to dealt with. It was all very well in idea form but when you decide to get a puppy all things and plans go out of the window. I’m not blaming the puppy nor myself here, I’m simply addressing the matter that I took too much on and something had to give.

Move on 4 months and I finally can sneak up to the sewing room and finally get to grips with the hoarding of fabrics and goodness knows what else! Don’t think for one second did the puppy stop me from buying fabric nor the billion bags of fabric already up in the S.R. Ha!

I’m seeing a clear path now. It’s looking pretty organised now. There’s a plan to go through all the magazines and pull out projects that I might get round to. I’m going to be stopping my magazine subscriptions as I’m finding I just don’t have the time to read them just now and feel I can keep up to date with other methods. Plus I’ve got to keep the momentum up with my make nine and need space to concentrate on that!

Here’s some photos of the progress so far – sorry don’t have any “before photos” but just imagine lots of bags on the floor!

Loom there's a Floor! Just a couple of pieces ... Ohhh more fabric...And more fabric!Even got the overlocker out of it box ūüď¶ (finally!!)<<<<
ks for popping by!

Happy Sewing xx

Sewing Plans: My #MakeNine2018 Choices


So, it’s taken me until now to get my shit together.¬† Yeah I know I’m already slipping!

However, rather than ramble on anymore to delay it even further here are my choices for #MakeNine2018 …

1.  Cleo РTilly and the Buttons (TATB)

Cleo by TATB

2.  McCalls Top 7360

McCalls 7360

3.¬† Seamwork’s Mesa

Seamwork’s Mesa Dress

4. Penny Dress By Colette

The Penny Dress by Colette

5. Toaster – Sew House 7

The Toaster by Sew House Seven

6. McCalls 7536 Dress

McCall’s 7536

7.¬†¬†Colette’s Moneta

Colette’s Moneta

8.  The Washi Dress РMade by Rae

The Washi Dress – Made by Rae

9. The Scout Tee by Grainline Studio

Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee

I’ll be able to match them up with Fabric without purchasing anything new.¬† Most of the patterns I’ve also got.¬† You may know That I’ve already sewn a Cleo and the McCalls 7536 but definitely attempting another of both!

Once I’ve dug out my fabric choices, I’ll do another post.

Here’s a sneak peak of my 2018 Sewing BuJo too, which I’ll¬†leave you with!

My #MakeNine2018 in my #SewingBuJo


Thanks for visiting!



Sewing: Simplicity 4789

Yes! I’ve finished it! Wooop!

I’m very happy with the finished results and now I can show it off.

Although I did not make the processes easy for myself as I forgot to shorten the back on the pattern pieces and you can just imagine the drama when I realised that. Hence I had a break (Cleo) and eventually I came back to vintage rose 4789, which I’m glad I did.


So I wanted to unveil it to the Hubby on our Wedding Anniversary. We went away to Loch Lomond & Loch Earn for a couple of days and It’s much easier for someone else to take a full-length photo!

We are celebrating eight years this year. It’s been a tough year with losing my Mum to cancer. ¬†I’m just thankful Hubby has been a tower of strength so far to me, helping me get through my darkest moments.



I think I will be doing 4789 again because I have some brown tweed-like fabric but not as heavy as tweed and it would look nice in a shift, plus I had the idea of doing some piping around the neckline, armholes and the hem.

The 4789 pattern is really handy as it’s got a couple more garments I’d like to make and for a pattern, I’d say that you are getting your money’s worth that way.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 09.09.55

I love this vintage rose fabric it’s a cotton lawn and I bought it from The Cloth Shop by Remnant Kings, Edinburgh (¬£14.99 P/M). I’ve had quite a few compliments on it already before the dress was finished!


I’ve now started on another project and it’s a vogue pattern. I have a time constraint as it’s to be finished by mid-August for a birthday theme! The Vogue pattern that I am using is V1389.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24

Again, I’m going to have to shorten the back (this time I’m doing it on the pattern pieces, rather than on the actual fabric!!!) and because famously vogue only goes up to a certain size I have to slightly add a couple of centimetres to the skirt pieces.

Because there is a theme for the birthday bash, this cotton here was crying out to be shown off. I think I already had bought the fabric and the pattern before the theme was public (what a surprise)! The cotton is from Fabric Focus, Edinburgh (14.99 p/m ?) and has a lovely drape to it.


Fabric Focus is where I also go for my classes and I’m so grateful to Abi (my teacher) for keeping me right! I would wholeheartedly recommend the classes. This is my third session and it won’t be my last either. I’ve still got so much to learn and I really enjoy going along and spending a couple of hours with like minded people.

So there you have it – I’ve finished “vintage rose” dress and on the mission of the vogue “woodland” dress.

Keep stitching x

Disclaimer: All photos are my own, so please ask for permission before using them.  All opinions are my own also!

Sewing projects: The peg bag

Ever since the plastic peg basket broke earlier this year (shattered into a thousand pieces) I’ve been meaning to sew a peg bag.

It’s been on the list for a wee while and now I’ve done it. ¬† The peg bag was fairly easy once I figured the way to do it. ¬†Another reason for doing such an easy project was to get my confidence on my sewing machine a wee boost.

Okay, there are a couple of flaws but apart from that, I’m reasonably chuffed¬†with myself.

Next time I make one, I’ll move the hole further up, so there’s less chance of pegs escaping! ¬†I’ll also add some bias tape around the edges and take my time measuring (i.e. I will make a paper temple to avoid a patchwork¬†“I need to finish it job” style effect).

Disclaimer: All photos are my own and all opinions are my own!

Sewn | Cleo | #makenine

Well, I’ve finally gone and finished (finally!) Cleo!


Ok I know, I’m slow but I kinda just take my time and I’m at class so I have a teacher keeping me right!

So I’m hoping that this finished result will give me a good confidence boost  (like a vitamin boost) which will push me into starting another of my #makenine’s.

So I’m thinking you want to see me in my Cleo, yeah?


However, there were some adjustments …

1.0 I graded the pattern up so it could fit my roomy hips.

1.1 Whilst grading up, I failed at grading up the facing so there was a slight hiccup there and I amended that, with thanks to Abby, my sewing teacher!

1.2 Although I triple checked measurements for hips it was quite loose in that area once all sewn up, so we decided to insert some elastic to get a better fit.

1.3 I noticed the buckles are slightly too small for the straps on this one, so I’ll either make the straps narrower or just get wider buckles for the next one.

So there you go, that’s the first of my #makenine done, only another 8 to go.

Still to finish off Simplicity 4789 but hopefully, that will take 2 classes with Abby and then I can show you that once finished.

Whilst I’m finishing off Simplicity 4789, I’ll be cutting out Vogue’s 1353 and a couple of Seamwork’s numbers.  Mesa and Sorbetto are hot on my list.  The Granville Skirt and McCall’s Top are both on the cutting block too.  I think April is going to be that month when things happen!

Screenshot 2017-04-01 09.09.55

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24


Here’s to a busy April/May!  Must go and get sewing!


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!

What next to buy (sewing wise)?

You lot should know I like buying things. ¬†However, I’m trying very hard not to buy anything, especially fabrics for the month of February. ¬†Although I have slipped once (I’ll mention that later what fabric I bought!) – I have been quite good about it and I’ll refrain from doing any more fabric shopping until march (will probably go bananas by then.

¬†I thought I’d share my thoughts on the next few purchases that I’ll be getting.

New rotary cutter – I currently have this one but I have issues with it when the safety cap slides down when I’m using it. ¬†So I’m opting for a Fiskars.


T-shirt cotton fabric ¬†_ I’ve been thinking of making a couple of t-shirts and think I’ve found a good source online. ¬†


Seamwork‚Äôs ‚ÄúAberdeen” PDF – I’m thinking of using this pattern for my t-shirts. ¬†I really like the collar/ v-neck detail on this and I presume (correct me if I’m wrong), I could shorten¬†the¬†sleeves to t-shirt length for our “hot Scottish days”.

Spotty fabric with a wine coloured crepe from cloth shop to make an occasion dress, then the spare spotty fabric will be use for detail on a nice top. ¬†Sorry, no pictures at the moment but once I get the fabric, I’ll¬†get them up OR get a Vlog done and really show off!

Dylan Dye for a denim skirt that I will be remaking from an old pair of pink jeans. ¬†I have a pair of pink jeans, that I no longer wear. ¬†A wee while ago I saw a feature in a sewing magazine that showed me how to turn an old pair of jeans into a skirt. ¬†So I’m going to do that and then dye, yes dye the skirt red. ¬†Why red? ¬†I think I need a red skirt in my wardrobe.


Grading up on many patterns seems to be my objective at the moment. ¬†It’s such a useful tool/skill to have and use. ¬†So whilst watching a Cocowawa crafts YT vlog, (<<< link to that¬†vlog right there!!) the lovely Ana was showing her favourite tools of her trade which included a Pattern Master. ¬†I’m figuring it will be bloody useful and take some time out of grading up.


I’m actually trying to make space for another double billy from ikea,¬†just to finally¬†finish organising my sewing room – I think that will be the first purchase out of this lot.

Processed with MOLDIV
Question is, with or without doors!!??

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


Disclaimer: All opinions are of my own and this post wasn’t sponsored and no I’m not on commission xx

Sewing Inspiration – my #makenine2017 choices

For those of you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my #makenine2017 choices. Don’t fear if you haven’t, I will show them on here too.  In fact right here, right now in this blog post.  I will probably give you a bit more detail to why I’ve chosen these patterns and also round up the fabric that I will use for them.

The patterns in the grid above are in no particular order. You may be aware that I’m already cutting out the Annabelle Dress ūüĎó (see a link to the blog post here).

But to make it easy to follow the grid I will start at the top left-hand corner and work my way down!

First off we have the Anna Dress from By Hand London.  This screamed out at me when I first saw this (yes, it really did scream at me) and ever since I’ve had it in my top ten pile to make. It has been waiting patiently to be printed out as it’s a PDF (I’ve bought a new USB stick for that job) and I still have to decide what fabric I want to pair with it. I’m still deliberating what length to have it: short or long, long or short – gahhhhh! Maybe I should just let another lovely project/ pattern take it’s place while I procrastinate?



Then it’s Tilly and the Buttons’ gorgeous “CLEO”.  I’ve seen so many fabulous versions on Instagram lately.  But I’ve also seen that it is quite short and tight at the hips so I may have to make it longer and take it out at the hips when I start cutting out the pattern.  I’m pairing the Cleo up with a blue Faux Suede that I bought at Edinburgh Fabrics (I’m pretty sure I may have said I’d use this for something else but I haven’t yet got the pattern for that project and I think the Cleo will look chic in faux suede! 

*Update: Well maybe my second Cleo will be in the suede as I’m currently doing my first one in a gorgeous corduroy.


It’s another By Hand London and this time it’s Alix. I’m sure I saw it in Love Sewing Magazine a month or so ago and was on the “express pattern binge” within minutes of seeing it.  It’s a darling dress and I’m planning to pair this lovely drapey viscose from Fabrics Galore with Alix.


As I’m writing this post, Simple Sew’s Annabelle Dress lays waiting to be assembled on the back of the chair – but at least it’s all cut out and pieces are numbered.  It’s such a “me” dress, I love the “tea dress” sort of dress.  I love the floaty skirt and the off the shoulders finish.  EEEK super excited to get this together.  You’ll see a bit more on the current project here.

Update: it isn’t going to plan – ūüė§ not a happy bunny ūüźį 


Up next, it’s the Granville Skirt which was a fab collaboration between @simplysewingmag, @thatwendyward and @cicobooks.  I thought skirt, and thought of it straight away, which is good thing, right?  I’ve got so many pieces of fabric thing is going to be tough but it’s going to be this cotton that i bought from Biggar Stitches a wee while ago.


Now when I say I’ll make nine, it’s always going to be more than nine as I can never make a final decision.  I’m sure I’ll add and mix it up before the end of the year.  That’s why I’ve put two in one box!   First up is the Waterfall Jacket.  Another “free’ pattern from Simply Sewing Magazine and I’ve got lovely green wool for this, which from the Cloth Shop.  It looks super simple to do and because it’s a jacket I may make this after the Annabelle dress as it’s still pretty cool here in Edinburgh!

The Lisette pattern is now out of print, but somehow I managed to get one shipped all the way from OZ which is pretty cool.  It’s called the traveller dress and I’m hoping to wear it whilst jetting off if we go away abroad this year.  Thinking Chambray for this one as it’s light and easy to wear whilst travelling. 


MMmmmm I’m now looking at the Bardot and the Annabelle Dresses and don’t they look similar?  They do, don’t they?  Or is it me? Ok, I may scrap Bardot until later on in the year so another special pattern can have it’s use in my #makenine2017.  So it’s place (sorry Bardot)  I’m going to have Jennifer Laurens’ Ivy Pinafore in version A.  With that I’ve got some gorgeous burgundy corduroy from

I definitely need to make a top or two and look behold another free pattern – well not really free as the sew now mag issues threadcount patterns and this didn’t go up into my size which is really ultra annoying.  So at least they offer another pattern at a hefty discounted price – which kinda makes it’s some what more bearable! (Moan now over) Ooooh now this needs fabric for this -eeeek!  I have my very own little fabric stash (yeah, you know it’s not little by any means as I keep blabbering what I get weekly!  I am my worst enemy when I need to keep quiet about fabric!)  You can tell me a secret however and I will keep stum, providing it’s not breaking the law!  My fabric choice to go with McCalls 7360 is a luscious ….

Finally it’s Sew Over It’s “Ultimate Shift Dress” and it’s fabric that came in the kit. Why not use that. It’s a lovely drapey viscose which will suit the dress perfectly. I think I got this kit with a magazine subscription yonks ago.  It’s been lying in my fabric stash for ages and didn’t take much notice until last month when I decided to open the actual box! Yes believe it folks – it was a FREE kit and it was left unopened for YONKS!!  I love the simple shape of this and hopefully once I’ve done this I can move swiftly on to making the Heather Dress! 

 So what will I do with number one? Mmmm,  I think I will do the Grain Line “Scout Tee” – which I spotted in the eternal maker made with this lovely cotton. Of course they were out of stock of the pattern, so I “had” to order it. I bought the fabric there and then. I think this would be a nice cool tee for the summer. Anna will be made, just not right now. I want to get the right fabric for her. 

I’m aiming to get a few pieces made pronto so I can make the Moneta Dress by Colette and the Brooklyn Skirt by Seamwork. There’s always more patterns that are on the priority list and that’s the Heather Dress by Sew Over it, The Washi Dress from Made by Rae, the adorable “Ritz Dress” by Till the Sun goes down, oh gee the list phenomenal… I’m sure you know ha ha! 

I’m not too sure if this will be my final choices for make nine as I don’t want to be stuck doing something I may change my mind on. 
You may notice I’ve already done a couple of updates and this post will probably get more updates if I change my make nine any further! Stay tuned. I will mention on my social media with the link to the post if I have!  This post should of been out long before now. Not quite sure how it got  abandoned but it’s out and it gives you a somewhat rundown of a possible make nine 2017.  

Hope I’ve not rambled on too much but if I have I hope I’ve not confused you or bored you to tears! 

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own xx

What I love: January 

I’ve been finding so many things recently that I thought I might as well share them with you too! So much so, I’ve decided to do a monthly thing!

Ok so first up is the tailors’ ham and sausage! I didn’t realise how useful they are until I used them myself and further more I want to make a pair. So I found a pattern from Jennifer Lauren Vintage and now planning that into my projects!



Other sewing related items to make are pattern weights and a pin cushion!  Ok, I’m torn between these macaron pattern weights and my own handmade ones! I could have both? You can never have enough pattern weights, can you?

So that’s a few more things I have to get on & make and I can’t wait to show you!

I’m loving the sound of the #monetaparty by @sewpositivity on Instagram. The Moneta pattern by Colette has been in my stash for yonks and it’s been a firm favourite since seeing so many vlogs featuring it.


One Vlog in particular, caught my attention and that was Gingerthread girl‘s version of Moneta. I’m definitely raising the waistline as I prefer a higher waist line and suit it. I’ve been tagged so I think it’s only right to join in with everyone!  I’ve bought three bits of jersey for Moneta in mind – yes three.

Tilly and the Buttons book, “Love At First Stitch” is getting me all excited as the pictures and details for each project are simple to follow.   I asked for the book for my birthday, which my lovely Bro bought for me!  However, there will be a lot of grading up as the pattern size of a 20 ain’t going to fit around my hips!  It’s one that I’m going to work through from the first project to the last.  It’ll do me the world of good!


That being said I’ve already graded up Cleo and sewing that up as we speak (ok it’s not in LAFS but at least it’s one of my make nine 2017).  Yes, I’m a bit slow to catch the Cleo train but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  There will be a post about this separately when it’s finished!

Editing my first vlog is taking way longer than expected but I am getting there and I am learning as I go – so all in all, it’s getting there.

I’m not loving the Anabelle dress at the moment as I’ve had to rip the seams a few times. And I think it’s way too small – eek & BOOOOO!  I’m going to leave the LRD for a while as there are plenty of projects that I need to get on with AND FINISH.

So with January being over, it’s time to think what I’m going to be doing in February.  I must start using my stash.  So this month I’m going to rein in my splurges on fabric. I know I said that in January but there were too many sales going on and it got the better of me!  February can be that month where I indulge in my stash (AND TRY AND NOT BUY ANYTHING) and really start using it as it’s starting to get to extreme levels!


Hope you’ve had a more productive January than I have!