My Sewing Room

Having “had” to sew in living room because of my lack of tidying up mojo of the sewing room this week I’ve been focusing trying to find the floor of it.

I had a great idea last year to wash all of my fabrics, iron, fold away whilst measuring and recording them. It was such a monumental task, it all became quite overwhelming to dealt with. It was all very well in idea form but when you decide to get a puppy all things and plans go out of the window. I’m not blaming the puppy nor myself here, I’m simply addressing the matter that I took too much on and something had to give.

Move on 4 months and I finally can sneak up to the sewing room and finally get to grips with the hoarding of fabrics and goodness knows what else! Don’t think for one second did the puppy stop me from buying fabric nor the billion bags of fabric already up in the S.R. Ha!

I’m seeing a clear path now. It’s looking pretty organised now. There’s a plan to go through all the magazines and pull out projects that I might get round to. I’m going to be stopping my magazine subscriptions as I’m finding I just don’t have the time to read them just now and feel I can keep up to date with other methods. Plus I’ve got to keep the momentum up with my make nine and need space to concentrate on that!

Here’s some photos of the progress so far – sorry don’t have any “before photos” but just imagine lots of bags on the floor!

Loom there's a Floor! Just a couple of pieces ... Ohhh more fabric...And more fabric!Even got the overlocker out of it box 📦 (finally!!)<<<<
ks for popping by!

Happy Sewing xx

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Room

  1. Hahaha your SR is much neater than mine. I too have been sewing in the living room because 1st my son was sleeping my SR since his floor needed replacing that took 8 months. Finialy he went back in his room now SR floor needs replacing. Also got a kitten 10 month ago so EVERYTHING had to be kitty proof. Still waiting for my floor to get replaced in SR. Now son moving out so I think I’ll just turn that room into my SR it’s bigger & floor is done.
    I didn’t renew any magazines when they came up in 2014.
    I figured I have a ” few” from the 1970’s, 2000- 2014. If I can’t find something in all that there’s probably 50+ patterns
    from the big 4 along with a couple of indie patterns in drawers in SR & more than enough fabric for the next couple of years as well.
    Good luck on getting back into your SR soon

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    1. It’s just annoying when you can’t get on with things when other things get in the way. But it’s getting there! I just hope it gives me the best motivation to go forward and conquer ha ha will definitely need it to complete my make nine! 😘


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