The many faces of Moneta

So you might gather I’m quite a sucker for the “Moneta” by Colette Patterns and the fact that it’s been a few months since I’ve last wrote a blog post, would be too good an opportunity to miss to give the wee blog a bit of a boost!

So in no order here’s my “Moneta Collection”

šŸ§µFabric from Pin & Sew

šŸ§µHacked neckline and sleeves from Seamwork Alice and added a polo neck!

šŸ§µFabric from the Edinburgh Dress Fabric Company

šŸ§µHack – scoop back

šŸ§µThe Moneta that started it all!

šŸ§µFabric from John Lewis

šŸ§µFabric from Fabric Focus

šŸ§µFirst scoop back hack

šŸ§µThe Scoop back with petal sleeves dress

šŸ§µFabric bought from Fabricate Mirfield

šŸ§µMade it for my 39th Birthday

šŸ§µFabric from Sewisfaction

šŸ§µScoop back – ooo er.

šŸ§µMade this for going out to dinner for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

šŸ§µFabric from Fabric Focus

šŸ§µScoop back hack

šŸ§µFabric from Holm Sown

šŸ§µMy Christmas Day 2018 dress

šŸ§µFabric from Fabric Focus

šŸ§µScoop back & 3/4 length sleeves (must be my favourite combo)!

Would it surprise you if there a few others that are works in progress? Once they are completed, I’ll share them on Instagram @sewdoitemma.

Ok, well hopefully it won’t be as long as last time until I write a blog, but until then … see you soon!