Past Projects

My past projects are being pulled and shared from the other blog: Emma’s Cakey Bakey Adventures. 

So what have I done that I’ve mentioned on the other blog? 

Dahlia Dress – Colette Pattern 

Hydrangea Skirt – simplicity 


Camera Strap


Camera Accessory case  

Christmas dress

And not mentioned but still really should …

Groover the hand puppet! 


And two other dresses that I’m using the same pattern as the Christmas dress


Plus a little teaser for the next dress! 


I’ll try and give as much information as I can on the upcoming projects – such as the pattern, the fabrics, how long it took me, how difficult was it … If I miss something sewing related please ask me and I will share!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own! 

Well, Hello!

Hello and a huge welcome!

Some of ¬†you might know me from Emma’s Cakey Bakey Adventures, others might be brand new, so welcome to my new blog.

I wanted to create somewhere separate for my sewing projects (dramas) and shenanigans. Rather than just be mixed up with my other adventures, this blog will be all about sewing. I plan to review patterns, share projects, show off my finished articles and share my local sewing knowledge and finds.

With this blog, I want to push myself and build both my skills and confidence. ¬†Hopefully, I can give some of you some insight and influence to push on through these “oh I don’t think I can do this” projects too.

Come on and wind up that bobbin, push that foot down on that pedal and let’s create!