Sewing Inspiration – my #makenine2017 choices

For those of you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my #makenine2017 choices. Don’t fear if you haven’t, I will show them on here too.  In fact right here, right now in this blog post.  I will probably give you a bit more detail to why I’ve chosen these patterns and also round up the fabric that I will use for them.

The patterns in the grid above are in no particular order. You may be aware that I’m already cutting out the Annabelle Dress 👗 (see a link to the blog post here).

But to make it easy to follow the grid I will start at the top left-hand corner and work my way down!

First off we have the Anna Dress from By Hand London.  This screamed out at me when I first saw this (yes, it really did scream at me) and ever since I’ve had it in my top ten pile to make. It has been waiting patiently to be printed out as it’s a PDF (I’ve bought a new USB stick for that job) and I still have to decide what fabric I want to pair with it. I’m still deliberating what length to have it: short or long, long or short – gahhhhh! Maybe I should just let another lovely project/ pattern take it’s place while I procrastinate?



Then it’s Tilly and the Buttons’ gorgeous “CLEO”.  I’ve seen so many fabulous versions on Instagram lately.  But I’ve also seen that it is quite short and tight at the hips so I may have to make it longer and take it out at the hips when I start cutting out the pattern.  I’m pairing the Cleo up with a blue Faux Suede that I bought at Edinburgh Fabrics (I’m pretty sure I may have said I’d use this for something else but I haven’t yet got the pattern for that project and I think the Cleo will look chic in faux suede! 

*Update: Well maybe my second Cleo will be in the suede as I’m currently doing my first one in a gorgeous corduroy.


It’s another By Hand London and this time it’s Alix. I’m sure I saw it in Love Sewing Magazine a month or so ago and was on the “express pattern binge” within minutes of seeing it.  It’s a darling dress and I’m planning to pair this lovely drapey viscose from Fabrics Galore with Alix.


As I’m writing this post, Simple Sew’s Annabelle Dress lays waiting to be assembled on the back of the chair – but at least it’s all cut out and pieces are numbered.  It’s such a “me” dress, I love the “tea dress” sort of dress.  I love the floaty skirt and the off the shoulders finish.  EEEK super excited to get this together.  You’ll see a bit more on the current project here.

Update: it isn’t going to plan – 😤 not a happy bunny 🐰 


Up next, it’s the Granville Skirt which was a fab collaboration between @simplysewingmag, @thatwendyward and @cicobooks.  I thought skirt, and thought of it straight away, which is good thing, right?  I’ve got so many pieces of fabric thing is going to be tough but it’s going to be this cotton that i bought from Biggar Stitches a wee while ago.


Now when I say I’ll make nine, it’s always going to be more than nine as I can never make a final decision.  I’m sure I’ll add and mix it up before the end of the year.  That’s why I’ve put two in one box!   First up is the Waterfall Jacket.  Another “free’ pattern from Simply Sewing Magazine and I’ve got lovely green wool for this, which from the Cloth Shop.  It looks super simple to do and because it’s a jacket I may make this after the Annabelle dress as it’s still pretty cool here in Edinburgh!

The Lisette pattern is now out of print, but somehow I managed to get one shipped all the way from OZ which is pretty cool.  It’s called the traveller dress and I’m hoping to wear it whilst jetting off if we go away abroad this year.  Thinking Chambray for this one as it’s light and easy to wear whilst travelling. 


MMmmmm I’m now looking at the Bardot and the Annabelle Dresses and don’t they look similar?  They do, don’t they?  Or is it me? Ok, I may scrap Bardot until later on in the year so another special pattern can have it’s use in my #makenine2017.  So it’s place (sorry Bardot)  I’m going to have Jennifer Laurens’ Ivy Pinafore in version A.  With that I’ve got some gorgeous burgundy corduroy from

I definitely need to make a top or two and look behold another free pattern – well not really free as the sew now mag issues threadcount patterns and this didn’t go up into my size which is really ultra annoying.  So at least they offer another pattern at a hefty discounted price – which kinda makes it’s some what more bearable! (Moan now over) Ooooh now this needs fabric for this -eeeek!  I have my very own little fabric stash (yeah, you know it’s not little by any means as I keep blabbering what I get weekly!  I am my worst enemy when I need to keep quiet about fabric!)  You can tell me a secret however and I will keep stum, providing it’s not breaking the law!  My fabric choice to go with McCalls 7360 is a luscious ….

Finally it’s Sew Over It’s “Ultimate Shift Dress” and it’s fabric that came in the kit. Why not use that. It’s a lovely drapey viscose which will suit the dress perfectly. I think I got this kit with a magazine subscription yonks ago.  It’s been lying in my fabric stash for ages and didn’t take much notice until last month when I decided to open the actual box! Yes believe it folks – it was a FREE kit and it was left unopened for YONKS!!  I love the simple shape of this and hopefully once I’ve done this I can move swiftly on to making the Heather Dress! 

 So what will I do with number one? Mmmm,  I think I will do the Grain Line “Scout Tee” – which I spotted in the eternal maker made with this lovely cotton. Of course they were out of stock of the pattern, so I “had” to order it. I bought the fabric there and then. I think this would be a nice cool tee for the summer. Anna will be made, just not right now. I want to get the right fabric for her. 

I’m aiming to get a few pieces made pronto so I can make the Moneta Dress by Colette and the Brooklyn Skirt by Seamwork. There’s always more patterns that are on the priority list and that’s the Heather Dress by Sew Over it, The Washi Dress from Made by Rae, the adorable “Ritz Dress” by Till the Sun goes down, oh gee the list phenomenal… I’m sure you know ha ha! 

I’m not too sure if this will be my final choices for make nine as I don’t want to be stuck doing something I may change my mind on. 
You may notice I’ve already done a couple of updates and this post will probably get more updates if I change my make nine any further! Stay tuned. I will mention on my social media with the link to the post if I have!  This post should of been out long before now. Not quite sure how it got  abandoned but it’s out and it gives you a somewhat rundown of a possible make nine 2017.  

Hope I’ve not rambled on too much but if I have I hope I’ve not confused you or bored you to tears! 

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own xx

My favourite blogs of the month: February

This feature is new.  Yes, Brand spanking new on my blog.

Why?  Well, clearly it’s quite cool (in my opinion) to share a blog that you may or may not know about.

This month I’ve decided to share with you Sea Salt & Stitches blog.  It’s brand new to me and I love her style!

Little Miss Lorraine (another new favourite!) mentioned her via a blog post all about bullet journaling (something I’m trying out myself, Thanks to these two and Holly Dollie) and I suddenly on her website within a flash.  Yes. A FLASH!

I’ve also had a sudden explosion organisation.  This involves coming up with a lot of blog post being named via my #makenine2017 list (which is soon to be released!) and some other projects, both selfish and selfless.  Plus splurges (fabric and sewing related pieces) and “Sew Shop Local” features.  This sudden explosion has definitely got to do with the idea of bullet journaling.  I think this is going to be an interesting journey.  I feel both inspired and empowered seeing the origin of the Bullet Journal.


Just a snippet of what’s in the pipeline!

You get I’m all excited about the Bullet Journal, don’t you?

Anyhow enough of that talk because there will be a fully loaded blog post coming very soon to your screens with my version.

Sea Salt & Stitches‘ has lovely tutorials also.  I’m looking forward to trying a couple out – particularly the Christmas apron and the flower pot pincushion!

The dresses that Suzie has made have a similar taste in what I want to be able to achieve. They are all gorgeous.  My favourite dress is the tartan washi’s – perhaps that’s the wee Scottish girl calling out of me!  The washi dress is definitely on my top 20 and by the looks of it, it’s now a firm favourite!


Very keen to try this beauty of a dress out!

The blog site is nice and clean, easy to navigate and quite delightful!

Little Miss Lorraine is another recent addition to the blog reading list.  I found her blog because I subscribe to her YT channel, which is one of my favourite channels to watch.

Her blog also features her Etsy shop where you can buy her handmade items – which are all lovely, so lovely it’s quite difficult to decide which one to get!

LML’s YT channel is a delight to watch and so is her blog.  It took me a while to actually click that she has a blog (don’t worry it’s me, not you LML!), I’m sometimes a bit slow to catch on!

Another very informative sewing blog with lots of things to keep you entertained for hours!

Last but not least, is the delightful Hollie Dolly.  Again, I was slow to click on that she had a blog also.  I think that has a lot to do with the number of ideas I want to do.  Seriously I am OCD with ideas for this, that and the other lol.

Anyhow, Holly Dollies’ site is quirky featuring what’s she has made and her latest fabric hauls.  I can’t get over how smiley she is on camera – she is so sweet!

So that’s a wee scoop into why these are my favourite blogs this month … Now, how many will I come across before next month lol!



Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored!