What next to buy (sewing wise)?

You lot should know I like buying things.  However, I’m trying very hard not to buy anything, especially fabrics for the month of February.  Although I have slipped once (I’ll mention that later what fabric I bought!) – I have been quite good about it and I’ll refrain from doing any more fabric shopping until march (will probably go bananas by then.

 I thought I’d share my thoughts on the next few purchases that I’ll be getting.

New rotary cutter – I currently have this one but I have issues with it when the safety cap slides down when I’m using it.  So I’m opting for a Fiskars.


T-shirt cotton fabric  _ I’ve been thinking of making a couple of t-shirts and think I’ve found a good source online.  


Seamwork’s “Aberdeen” PDF – I’m thinking of using this pattern for my t-shirts.  I really like the collar/ v-neck detail on this and I presume (correct me if I’m wrong), I could shorten the sleeves to t-shirt length for our “hot Scottish days”.

Spotty fabric with a wine coloured crepe from cloth shop to make an occasion dress, then the spare spotty fabric will be use for detail on a nice top.  Sorry, no pictures at the moment but once I get the fabric, I’ll get them up OR get a Vlog done and really show off!

Dylan Dye for a denim skirt that I will be remaking from an old pair of pink jeans.  I have a pair of pink jeans, that I no longer wear.  A wee while ago I saw a feature in a sewing magazine that showed me how to turn an old pair of jeans into a skirt.  So I’m going to do that and then dye, yes dye the skirt red.  Why red?  I think I need a red skirt in my wardrobe.


Grading up on many patterns seems to be my objective at the moment.  It’s such a useful tool/skill to have and use.  So whilst watching a Cocowawa crafts YT vlog, (<<< link to that vlog right there!!) the lovely Ana was showing her favourite tools of her trade which included a Pattern Master.  I’m figuring it will be bloody useful and take some time out of grading up.


I’m actually trying to make space for another double billy from ikea, just to finally finish organising my sewing room – I think that will be the first purchase out of this lot.

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Question is, with or without doors!!??

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


Disclaimer: All opinions are of my own and this post wasn’t sponsored and no I’m not on commission xx