VLOG: Yes I released a vlog!

It’s been a while since I first talked about doing a vlog and then a few things like life took over and then the vlog took a back burner!


But now I think I’m on top of things and I hope this will be the first of many vlogs that I share with you.  Looking back on the vlog, I have lots to learn as there are a few erms and shaky camera bits but that will take time (hopefully not too much!).  There’s so much to learn and I didn’t want to keep putting it off just because it ain’t perfect!

giphy (2)

If you haven’t already, please view it, like it – even comment on it (I will respond/reply!).

The link to the Video is: https://youtu.be/GnQHl_DcRD4

Many thanks for continuing to read my blogs,

Happy sewing!


Sew Shop Local: St Columba’s Hospice

Down Leith Walk, there lies a little haberdashery, not your typical find either as it’s not set in a traditional fabric shop or department store. In fact, it lies in a charity shop and it’s full of bargains.

I’ve been meaning to explore this shop for ages. Today was the day. I had the day off from work and it looked good weather wise to pop into town from mine to tick this little shop off my list! I also treated myself to some gelato 🍧 and coconut toast (both at different times!). 

To get into town, I got a dayticket and hopped on the bus. Door to door it took about an hour as I live out of town. 

The haberdashery is really well stocked with buttons and lots of patterns. There’s some fabric on offer too! 

I was interested to see if they had any nice patterns and buttons. One of the patterns had a pair of scissors ✂️ inside it. They have lots of buttons and I mean lots! 

I got all this for £3. I could of went bonkers but I didn’t. I’d be tempted to go back soon and have a longer look (very dangerous)! 

An Open letter to Vogue Patterns

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24

When I first laid my eyes on Vogue #1353 I fell in love. Yes, it was love at first sight.  I’m still in love with the actual shape of the garment on the pack but for how long?  The reason behind this question is because whilst putting the front and side bodice pieces together my sewing teacher, Abi and I found a massive flaw in the pattern. annoyan





It’s definitely (the flaw!) in the F5 (16-18-20-22-24) edition, I’m not sure if you have come across the same problem in the smaller size pattern.

When you put the notches to match on the front and side pieces there is a HUGE frickin gap.  For sure there is is no way that you can stretch the front bodice piece with the dart in to match the side bodice.  BUT as soon as you take the dart out, it magically fits (yes I have a magic wand –  It’s Abi!).

I have to shorten the bodice pieces as my back is shorter that the standard.  But that shouldn’t affect the darts, notches and all, should it?

But then looking at the line drawing it does have a dart but the haven’t given enough of the front bodice to include that!!



If ANYONE else has come across this fault, please let me know!

I’m pretty annoyed at VOGUE patterns right now.

  1. Vogue patterns are bloody expensive, so you expect no flaws AT ALL.
  2. Now I’ve removed the dart, there are tiny holes where the thread went through the fabric – my lovely woodland fabric!
  3. From what Abi has seen, the dart isn’t really needed as you have pleats on the front bodice anyway.
  4. You carefully take the time to put a dart in, making sure its pinpoint sharp, then realising after you need to take it out because it’s NOT required.   But if the dart is required and it’s on the line drawings then surely you should remember to get enough allowance for that so it that when you come to sew the front piece and side you don’t have a gap! ??!!

I’m hoping I get some correspondence back from McCalls/Vogue.  I sent a message via the contact form on their website.  I’ll update you all when I get an update myself.

Just so peeved right now. Can you imagine?!!  I bet some of you have been there!

NOW I’m going to take a deep breath and try to relax because I go near the pieces (need to go and get interfacing first, anyway).

giphy-downsized (2)

On that note: The pattern says for “sew in” but both myself and Abi thinks this might be too stiff, so might opt for the “iron on” – What do you guys think?