Sewn | Cleo | #makenine

Well, I’ve finally gone and finished (finally!) Cleo!


Ok I know, I’m slow but I kinda just take my time and I’m at class so I have a teacher keeping me right!

So I’m hoping that this finished result will give me a good confidence boost  (like a vitamin boost) which will push me into starting another of my #makenine’s.

So I’m thinking you want to see me in my Cleo, yeah?


However, there were some adjustments …

1.0 I graded the pattern up so it could fit my roomy hips.

1.1 Whilst grading up, I failed at grading up the facing so there was a slight hiccup there and I amended that, with thanks to Abby, my sewing teacher!

1.2 Although I triple checked measurements for hips it was quite loose in that area once all sewn up, so we decided to insert some elastic to get a better fit.

1.3 I noticed the buckles are slightly too small for the straps on this one, so I’ll either make the straps narrower or just get wider buckles for the next one.

So there you go, that’s the first of my #makenine done, only another 8 to go.

Still to finish off Simplicity 4789 but hopefully, that will take 2 classes with Abby and then I can show you that once finished.

Whilst I’m finishing off Simplicity 4789, I’ll be cutting out Vogue’s 1353 and a couple of Seamwork’s numbers.  Mesa and Sorbetto are hot on my list.  The Granville Skirt and McCall’s Top are both on the cutting block too.  I think April is going to be that month when things happen!

Screenshot 2017-04-01 09.09.55

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24


Here’s to a busy April/May!  Must go and get sewing!


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!