My Sewing Room

My sewing room needs to become functional and comfortable to use.  It needs organising, so I can pull fabric and pattern out, yet put them back in their place when I’m done for the day.  This “putting thing back” needs to become my ethos all over the house, but that’s another post for another time! And before Mr C quickly jumps in, I’ll change the subject!).

I’ve pulled a lot of ideas rather from Pinterest so “had to” create a mood board so I could scale down some ideas and think what I want from my SR.

Two tables would be useful, preferably the same as I join the together to cut out patterns and fabric. One would sit under the skylight as that would be ideal for using the naturally light, providing it’s not too bright to take photographs of my finish projects.

Before I get ahead of myself – the three main points that need to go into the sewing room are: atlier

shelving and lots of it!

a workspace to sew creations

and a seat!


The Skålberg/Sporren chair (IKEA)
Billy Shelving from (IKEA)
Linnmon Desk (IKEA)

I don’t want to spend a fortune so as you can see Ikea furniture it is and it’s the basic range as everything adds up very quickly!

The notice board will be handy for what project I’m currently working on and what the next few are.  It should keep me focused. It will also a provide a place for all these business cards and fliers that I seem to collect!

I started this post 5 months ago but there have been some changes already and I can now share them!

The room has finally been painted and now shelving has been installed and is very quickly being filled up!

Trying to organise with billy shelving
The desk is much bigger now and is now under the skylight for ultimate natural light!

My sewing space is still going through changes so don’t think these are final photos.  I will post the final touches and a much tidier space very soon!

Do you have a sewing room? Do you have any tips on how to organise it? Have I missed anything, I’m sure I have!?  Please feel free to comment below and give tips!


Sew … I did it again.

Yeap I splurged on more fabric.  “Ooooops I did it again”!

But gorgeous still and at a metre each from Sew Sew Fabrics.  I spotted their sale from an ad in the latest issue of Love Sewing magazine and couldn’t quite stop myself.

Now the hard task of thinking what project for each piece of fabric!


A little more in-depth view for all you fabric lovers!


Birdy Birdy!



Fabulous Floral
Sewing Spectacular!


Disclaimer: All views are my own and bought the fabric myself!