Going big screen!

In case you haven’t seen my stories on Instagram, I’ve got some really exciting news.

It’s all in the title you see.

Yes, I’m going to be filming for my YouTube channel again after a long period of no videos. It’s been far too long and truth be told I’ve been stuck on the idea for a while.

It’s all going to start with a wee introduction from myself. I’ll talk a little about me and my sewing background and what I’m working on just now.

I’m aiming to get two videos out a month. I’ve got a few ideas lined up.

My plans and what I’ve seen will be the main topics. As I’m not working just now (thanks, Pandemic!) there won’t be massive or any hauls unless it’s an ad/gifted (which I’ll be quite humbled to do with the right circumstances), instead I’ll be “shopping my stash”. I’ve got a really good collection of fabrics, so it’s high time I made a massive dent in that and get sewing more clothes.

I’m also hoping that my blog will see more content with the YouTube channel being reignited, here’s hoping. I think it might be good if there’s some written posts on what plans I’ve got and what I’ve made, don’t you?

Whilst I’m restarting my YouTube channel again, I’d like to thank anyone who is going to subscribe and already has subscribed, it’s very much appreciated.


As I’m building the channel, I would like to make sure that I’m giving you good quality videos with content that has good sound and picture. Firstly, I’ll be starting on my iPhone, I know not the best but I do have a DSLR camera that can take videos, I just need to get a microphone and a couple of SIM cards … for that I’ve set up a Kofi Account. Any amount is greatly appreciated as I’m not working but please don’t feel you have to donate if you haven’t got the funds. Details of the Kofi account will be in the first video.

Ok, I’ll guess I’ll go and do a bit of practicing talking to the camera and I’ll see you soon if you want to watch ☺️

Thanks again for reading!