So, a few days ago I added a picture on my Instagram, showing off the projects I intend to do in 2017.

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As you can see there is still space for another two patterns/projects but I’m still deciding which ones from my stash – yes I’m trying not to buy any patterns.

I get quite a few free patterns from my sewing magazine subscriptions.  I have 4 – yes four! It’s definitely one, two many, so I’m deciding which one I don’t need.  It’s actually harder than I thought.  It’s like going through a break-up.  Which one should I ditch?   They overlap each other on some degrees, so I have to make a decision. Geez, it’s tough!

Right, back on to the free patterns, yes I have a good stash of patterns, paid and free and I ought to put them to the test and also put myself to the test of actually making a few things.  So the Granville skirt and the waterfall jacket (free with this issue 25 simply sewing mag) are on the planner.  Simple Sew’s Bardot dress (free with love sewing) is also up there (I swear I’m going to make this red dress, even though it might be past it and out of season!).  Sew Over It’s Ultimate Shift Dress is finally up there too.  If anyone knows of any exercises to get rid of middle fat on hips (FAST) – please let me know – it will avoid me altering the patterns hugely.  That being said, I’m going to hit the swimming pool this year to try and work it off.

There I go again … always going off piste with the chat!

On the topic of SMART goals and because it’s actually the title of this blog post here are my SMART goals for early 2017.


Next topic, fabric.  Urghhh Ummm, yes I have a confession.  I bought fabric in December when I specifically said I wouldn’t.

Moving on swiftly – ha ha  …

Vlog time.  I’ve been canoodling over this for a wee while.  I’ve done a rough draft (yes it was fairly rough as I bed head and I was still in my pj’s so that’s not going to go viral) so next is to re-do it and get a little less uncomfortable with the camera.  That way I can show you the latest fabrics and talk you which projects I’m going to try in January/February.  See what I did there RE: Moving on 😀

I’ve set up my YouTube channel – you can, of course, subscribe to it so, you instantly get notifications of when the first vlog goes live!

I got a few sewing goodies for Christmas too – one of which was on my last blog that I did and that was the sleeve board! My Brother In Law wasn’t too sure about getting me this as he thought it was too do housework but I said it’s fine it’s for sewing!



See you soon!  And Happy Hogmanay when it comes to you all!