So who I?

Well, I’m guessing you know my name is Emma and I like to try* and sew. I’ve got loads of ideas for patterns and fabric and my stash is always growing, time is one major factor that keeps getting the better of me! 
I’m a thirty something lady with lots of passions and sewing is one of them. I like lots of other crafts too but sewing has to be a staple. Sewing is definitely in the blood, I’ve got tailors, seamstresses and dressmakers on both sides of my maternal family tree.

Why sew?

Well to me it’s relaxing (most of the time), and the thought of making something that is unique and fits my shape is also a big plus.  It’s fascinating to see how a garment is constructed and finished and the thought of being able to twirl in my handmade garments gives me goosebumps! 

I hope you all enjoy my little or big adventures with sewing on this blog. I’ll of course, share my local knowledge regarding sewing.  

Dahlia Dress by Colette
The Vintage Butterick B5748
Camera Accessories Wallet
My first cushion, with piping!
The start of a small project – Coffee themed!
Being a beginner-novice I hope to share my dramas and lessons learned from disasters and also share my delights.  I’m not the quickest to finish to do spur me on! 
Please feel free to comment on the posts with any sewing related questions, critique, comments and tips!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emma, can you help me with a printing query, I was so excited when I read your post about netprinter , Ive got my pdf downloads on my kindle fire HD but when I go on netprinter I cant work out how to get the pdfs on to netprinter, this is all very new to me so any advice would be appreciated, many thanks, Ann

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    1. Hi Ann. It completely depends on the file type. You may have to double click the file to actually fully download the files as they may be currently a compressed zip. File. I had to do this on my mac so it might be the same on your kindle! Sorry not sure how kindles work but could you not attach all the files to an email and email it yourself and save them on a USB stick? Then you can open them on a computer and see what you are dealing with. It’s great to have them on a stick too as they aren’t stuck at home if I want to order PDF’s whilst out and about!
      Also when netprinter asks you what files you want it’s good to have them in a folder named, for example “PDF patterns” then you can source your folder and then choose what files you want to upload. Just make sure it’s copy shop version, A0, wide versions and A1 and not 40 pages of a4! 😊 hope this helps, sorry no idea how kindles work with storage and files – could see if I could work it out with my mums but that won’t be until the weekend If I have time. Otherwise there must be somebody special that could show you how to do This and it may be a lot easier that way than me confusing you even more! πŸ˜‰ 😁


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