Sew Shop Local: Glasgow Part One

So I’ve been putting this visit off for a while now. Many factors have kept me from making it through but finally just went and thought “what the heck, just do it”. I had to come through to Glasgow anyway as I needed to get my passport renewed – “kill two birds with one stone” comes to mind but not literary!

Once I had done the interview bit for the passport, I had 4 hours to fill. It’s a hard life!

I started off at Mandors as I can park in Cambridge car park which is a fantastic location for Mandors and the shopping streets of Sauchiehall, Buchanan, and Argyle but put on a good pair of walking shoes!

Mandors is huge! Yes, HUGE!! Why on earth have I not been here before now? Where have I been for the last five years since I started collecting fabric – yes you read right! I seem to buy more fabric than I can keep up sewing … the thought of putting myself on a fabric ban just doesn’t work. Most of the fabric I’ve bought, I know what I’ll be doing with project/ pattern wise.

Oppps, went off the rail there, think I’m just excited to tell you how I got on!

When you walk into Mandors it’s well laid out and there are different departments that are clearly signed.

I went straight up to the dressmaking fabric department and started looking at the poplin. I wanted to match up a red to go with the red in the lipstick fabric. The poplin is going to used for the facings. I got some black poplin too but I think I’m going to for the red and be daring to myself!

Next was a cord. Think it’s baby cord. But it’s lovely and flowery. Possibly a Cleo or a simple shift dress.


I really want a black skirt to go with the lipstick top, so added some black twill – Seamworks’ Brooklyn is the pattern for this project!


The creme de la creme is this stunning liberty piece.


Oh, I got a meter of woven black interfacing too for various projects.

I had a look round the departments – haberdashery and curtains. Lots to choose from too! I ordered some samples of curtain fabric as I really would like to make our new living room curtains. It’s going to be a tall order but I have a lovely friend who has offered to help me and keep me right! I bought some fabric to make some cushions for our new suite (putting this one off until we get the puppy and get it housetrained!!).

The customer service was brilliant from start to finish! High five to Shona for helping me and giving directions to other stores 🙂 And I didn’t get lost!  Glasgow strikes fear in me as I get a wee bit disorientated but thanks now to google maps I didn’t this time!

map (1)
Mandors – 134 Renfrew St, Glasgow Metropolitan Area G3 6ST


If you need some lunch, I recommend The Project cafe (it’s right next door to Mandors) for a cuppa and spot of lunch or a lite bite (cake!!). I had both.  Here’s what I had for lunch.


Next up is Remnant Kings, Argyle Street but I’ll put that in another post (Shop Sew Local: Glasgow, Part 2)😉

Keep on Sewing!

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