Sewing Adventures – Biggar Stitches, Biggar

Situated in the Scottish Borders, in a not so sleepy town is a little haven of craft fabric galore. It’s a little gem for patch workers, quilters and dressmakers alike and It’s definitely going to be an addition on my “fabric shop” page.

I’d been looking at the website for a wee while now – then today I had a couple of hours to spare, so I hit the nail on the head and just went for it. I jumped in the car and headed down to Biggar Stitches.

Pandora’s box awaits!
Biggar Stitches is situated just off the High Street. Between Spar and Ladbrokes there is a  close, follow through and you shall find the wee gem. There’s plenty of parking on the high street too.

Just wait until you go inside!
Fabric & sewing accessories galore – just marvellous!
I wonder if you can have fabric dreams if you lay your head down for short while …
What to choose, What to choose??!!!
This is being added to my shopping list for my next trip!
I am in love with these buttons!
Craft Fabrics can be also used for dress making as they are 100% cotton!
I am in fabric heaven
It was a beauty of a day to drive down through the Scottish Borders.
What I bought – a few bargains from the sale bolts (still gorgeous craft cotton).

My goodies from Biggar Stitches

Fabric – Brown and Pink, enough to make a dress, Blue flower fabric, will be a skirt and the small triangles are fat quarters for my FQ Stash! I couldn’t not help myself and buy the print by local Custom Vinyl Decals. 

Travelling by car – it took me about 40 mins from Bonnyrigg.

By bus – Stagecoach 101&102 from Edinburgh City Centre (Bus Station). I think the bus stop is very close to the shop, but don’t quote me on that please!
Disclaimer: All views are my own And I had permission to take photos inside the shop!

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