My Sewing Room: Fabric Boards

If you know me by following me on Instagram, you would notice I like to hoard fabric.  I’m surprised to actually see how much i have now that I’ve organised it on to fabric boards.

Why fabric boards you ask, well I’ve tried piling metres of fabric on each other and it doesn’t work for me as it ends up on the floor in a messy heap.  So using boards seems to be a great solution as it allows me to pull one fabric board out (well providing the shelf isn’t stuffed to the brim, it does require two hands at the moment).

I trolled the interweb to find a video/tutorial to guide me to what materials I should use and how to do it “pro” stylee! This YouTube video is great as it shows the fabric being wrapped around comic book boards, step by step.  This blog post (which I found on pinterest) is great too!

I’ve put a wee tutorial under here, but it’s so simple to do if you want to show off your fabric stash to the max.


2 thoughts on “My Sewing Room: Fabric Boards

    1. They are so tidy. It’s like being in a different room altogether! And thank you for the email. I will get back to you very soon.


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